Elecard SDK support program

Elecard SDK support program

April 19, 2018
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Elecard full version SDK license includes a 1-month period of standard support program from Elecard and updates for the filters and components within one major version. Additional assistance and a year of update and upgrades for the SDK entire package (including documentation and sample applications updates) can be purchased as a yearly subscription for standard, premium or exclusive support programs. Please find more information here.

Elecard SDK/SRD technical support includes:

  • Installation/activation issues, SDK compilation consultations;
  • Educational consultations on DirectShow basis and Graph Edit usage;
  • Performance tuning consistent with the specifications documented by Elecard.

and excludes:

  • Consultancy of development solutions based on Elecard’s software;
  • Analyzing the customer's system performance or parts of the customer's source code;
  • Solving customer's specific application bugs;
  • Adding specific features to Elecard’s software;
  • Developing specific applications.


If you wish to enquire about product customization or custom development services, please contact us.


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