Custom development

Custom development

Elecard produces software and hardware solutions based on long-term experience of developers and homegrown original technologies. The company guarantees high performance, reliability, security and customization of the products and first-hand proficient technical support.

With respect to the reality of modern aggressive business environment that is characterized by top-level requirements specifying a project peculiar features and tailor-made solutions, Elecard offers to customize the existing products and create «off-the-shelf» software and hardware solutions from scratch in compliance with a user specific requirements.

Why talking to us

      Your task is truly unique, it has never ever been implemented by anyone in the universe and you don’t know how to approach R&D phase. Check out our credentials.

      You need to cut OPEX. We can customize a business solution for you. Just let us know what your business needs are and we will work with you.

      You need additional engineering resources to deliver against a tough schedule. Check out our experience.

      You need to tailor Elecard product or component to fit your project requirements. Our projects team will be able to help you. Just provide us with your technical requirements document, timeframe and budget.

      You need staff augmentation? You need professional resources, your project is urgent and complex? Elecard will offer your company the required resources.

      You want the project to be carefully designed, documented, thoroughly tested and implemented by acknowledged video compression experts.

Elecard engineering team is a unique combination of experts in a variety of development environments, programming languages and operation systems.

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Elecard Project Portfolio:

Windows, iOS, Android applications

  • Cross platform IPTV/OTT Player

Programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, OSX


  • Development of a reference design and firmware for DVB-T,S,C STBs supporting MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video playback
  • Development of H.264 encoder based on pure C source code for Massively Parallel Processor Array Chips
  • Development of a STB gathering statistics on TV shows ratings/user watching behavior

Programming languages: C, C++
Operating Systems: Linux

Digital Signage

Development of a software solution for videocontent managing on videowalls consisting of static and/or dynamic LED monitors.

Programming languages: C, C++
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Android


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