Identify malfunctioning product in your OTT equipment – Elecard Boro usecase for Telemedia

Identify malfunctioning product in your OTT equipment – Elecard Boro usecase for Telemedia

April 17, 2019News

Elecard team always expends great efforts to make our solutions outcome and result driven, as it is sure to be one of the key performance indicators for any product. Our specialists are always inspired by the practical results achieved and useful feedback received from our clients, as it helps us to further improve and optimize our products.

One of our clients – Telemedia, a provider of broadcasting facilities and services, managed to solve its challenging tasks due to successful integration of Elecard Boro monitoring system into its ОТТ equipment. Telemedia received reports from their customers indicating that the streams were unstable. And their team faced a daunting challenge to find a tool to report back the stability of streams, to log any issues and find the problem cause.

Elecard Boro monitoring system was deployed into Telemedia OTT equipment to solve the most significant task for our client – define the exact location of the problem within the network. The system consists of the local server and several probes that are used to check and verify outputs from OTT headend for reliable delivery to various platforms.

Successful integration of Boro monitoring system resulted in providing stable and valid output streams which drived up customers satisfaction levels. If the problem is on Telemedia's side, it can be quickly localized and fixed before the customers know they happened. If problems occur downstream, it is easy to validate that the reason is not in the source and suggest the cause of the problem.

Top benefits as per the customer:

  • The ability to monitor using a remote probe at multiple remote locations at the same time.
  • Easy testing of Boro demo version and quick remote installation of the probes.
  • Fast and quick problem source localization: issue on the source side (origin server), the transmission network, CDN or content.
  • Fun and easily understandable way of showing the problem and its status provided by Elecard Boro GUI.
  • Timely feedback and assistance from Boro team.

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