Hands on Quality Workshops

Hands on Quality Workshops

April 1, 2020News

We won’t be able to catch up in person at NAB this April by reason of gathering cancellations for the good and health of mankind. For those of you who never miss a chance to keep apace with what’s happening in the industry and who are interested to dive deep into the topics of compressed video analysis and quality assessment, we invite you to meet Elecard video experts online. 

This April we will be running workshops to share our knowledge and tools in a practical and interactive mode. The preliminary list of use cases to be addressed include:

  • revealing details of your encoded files, ensuring accurate parameters were encoded and evaluating video codecs from various vendors;
  • dealing with stuttering during ad breaks in regional broadcast;
  • problems with OTT channels such has signal losses, video freezes and other issues experienced by subscribers.

There are more real-world use cases to be reviewed, feel free to register and ask us for details. We also welcome you to share the issues you face and any of your defective streams so we are able to focus on them during the workshop. Once we know your QC particular needs, our brightest minds and skilful hands will come together to advise on a solution that may eventually make a difference in the way you control the quality of your broadcast today.


Some of the case studies and examples of projects that may resonate with you:

If you feel your current QC approach is not optimal or only sufficient for the immediate goals, you may come to take part at a workshop next month and find new ways to maintain the quality of your content for the best viewer experience. 

More videos on our software tools to validate content before the delivery and control IPTV and OTT streaming on our YouTube channel.

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