Elecard announces release of new Elecard Boro with extended number of QoE parameters

Elecard announces release of new Elecard Boro with extended number of QoE parameters

May 15, 2019News

Elecard welcomes you to evaluate a new version of Elecard Boro – a solution for UDP, RTP, HTTP, and HLS streams monitoring and measurement of QoS and QoE parameters in all segments of distributed networks.

Customers’ satisfaction is going to be one of the key drivers helping to accelerate the acceptance and recognition for any kind of service. This factor is expected to grow in importance prompting TELCOs to deploy efficient systems for monitoring and quality control to ensure best possible viewing experience.

Elecard team is focusing on maximum timeliness, flexible settings, user convenience and rich choice of QoE and QoS parameters when it comes to creating an efficient monitoring system. Using Elecard products you may add QoE and QoS modules into quality control routines or embed them directly into your own products.

To keep pace with continuously increasing consumer demands Elecard is expanding the number of available QoE parameters. With this release we’ve focused on tracking audio.

See the list giving a rundown of what’s included in a new massive update:

  • Downloading records through WebRTC;
  • Registration of audio stream description changes (audio stream headers change) and setting of the corresponding trigger;
  • Recording IPTV streams;
  • Checking Audio decodability;
  • Checking Video decodability;
  • Measuring and displaying of Momentary and Short-Term loudness;
  • "Silence" detection in an audio channel based on Short-Term Loudness, Audio Loudness Analysis configuration and the trigger setting;
  • Checking audio track presence; 
  • Displaying of decoded audio bitrate and real video framerate.

See the full list of changes in version 1.06 of Elecard Boro.

Leverage the power of professional monitoring of QoE and QoS parameters to drive up customers satisfaction levels and increase sales of service with a new version of Elecard Boro!

Evaluate Elecard Boro v 1.06

Find out more about Elecard Boro

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