Come to see CodecWorks and other Elecard products at IBC 2018

Come to see CodecWorks and other Elecard products at IBC 2018

August 29, 2018Events

Elecard team gained amazing experience at World Cup 2018 and made a contribution to organizing real-time broadcasting system of football matches within the stadiums at 11 Russia cities. We are ready to share our valuable insights and new knowledge at IBC 2018, September 14 – 18, Amsterdam.

Come to see us at our booth #2.С26 where we can discuss your current projects and offer most suitable solutions for encoding, analysis and monitoring based on key Elecard products and its new features:

Multifunctional real-time transcoder Elecard CodecWorks Encoder:

  • 4K HEVC 10 bit encoding.
  • New implemented feature - ROI Transcoding, which enables user to select areas for encoding as well as enhance quality of the selected parts where specification is essential. Saves traffic and space for storing data.

CodecWorks successfully passed quality and performance tests as a basis for encoding solution at World Cup 2018 aimed at real-time broadcasting within the stadiums (find out more).

Video streams quality monitoring service - Elecard Boro:

  • New mode - Consolidated view gives a detailed picture of your service status covering all involved streams at different points: reception, encoding, broadcasting, etc. All data is displayed in a multi window mode which makes it possible to localize problem segment fast. All collected data is aggregated not depending on the protocol and the method used for content reception, encoding or broadcasting;
  • Monitoring history possibilities are extended: a time range for collecting statistics is increased. The users gain access to a larger pool of data and may set a time window for showing statistics: watch data collected during one day or even week. It is also possible to see how signal status has been changed during a selected part of a day, for example, from 2 to 3 pm.

In-depth analysis of the stream structure Elecard StreamEye:

  • Support of a validated version of AV1 1.0.0.
  • Synchronization between all StreamEye Studio applications extends possibilities for analysis, testing and proposes smarter teamwork strategy: Master/Slave mode allows synchronization of the selected frame, and block, packet position with similar frame and block, packet of a stream opened via another StreamEye Studio application.
  • Users may share comments for a selected part of code stream between application instances or applications of StreamEye Studio.

Schedule a meeting with Elecard team to find out the details about our improvements and how they might contribute to your projects.

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