Quality monitoring of IPTV channels delivery in three cities

Quality monitoring of IPTV channels delivery in three cities

June 23, 2020

Customer: Amigo

Amigo is a digital television and fiber-optic internet provider in Belarus.


Monitoring of IPTV channels condition at three remoted head-end stations.


  • TS and PID analysis
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Quick notifications about stream violations
  • Detailed and user-friendly errors layout
  • Interface providing full information for estimating IPTV channels condition
  • Compatibility with different equipment at head-ends


Installation of Boro probes at head-ends in three cities and monitoring of 120 multicast streams at each station.


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Detailed data about streams for technical support engineers
  • Quick notification when an error occur
  • Improved quality control of provided services
  • Resource saving due to distributed probes and single server


Boro probes were installed at head-ends in different cities. 120 channels are monitored at each station. 10 specialists such as administrators and technical support engineers use the system every day to monitor the streams' states.

Quality monitoring of IPTV


"Implementation of the monitoring system was critical for maintaining the quality of provided services. We have chosen Elecard Boro due to Russian language support and moderate price. It took 2–3 days to install and set up the product, so integration was very easy. The Boro monitoring system is a powerful software solution. It offers a detailed and clear errors layout. I would like to particularly mention a very responsive technical support. We plan to scale up the system in the future to monitor HLS streams."

Sergei Yarets, CTO

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IPTV Monitoring

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