What's new in Elecard Boro 2.0

What's new in Elecard Boro 2.0

December 17, 2020
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Elecard Boro v.2.0 supports MPEG-DASH protocol, has an improved recording system and provides basic error statistics. 

MPEG_DASH support

  • Implemented support for the MPEG-DASH protocol. The DASH protocol has a big variety of playlist generation scenarios, the majority of which are already supported by the probe. If the probe does not support your manifest type, please contact the technical support department at tsup@elecard.com.
  • Most OTT triggers are now compatible with MPEG-DASH.
  • Added recording of MPEG-DASH services.

Improved recording system

  • Pcap recording is available (for IPTV broadcasting only).
  • Now any trigger can initiate recording.
  • Simultaneous recording in several tasks is available. The automatic recording started both on the transcoder input and output can help collect data for transcoding system debugging.

Akamai CDN support 

  • Now Boro supports Akamai Token authentication and Akamai Media Encryption.

Basic error statics

  • Counting the quantity and duration of errors during 15-minute and 24-hour interval.

New events and triggers

  • Added the new CRC Error event of the TR 101 290 second priority.
  • Added new system events: Warning of exceeding the RAM threshold, Out of Memory Error, High CPU Usage Warning and High CPU Usage Error.

Other improvement

  • Assigning several profiles of the same type to a task (except for ALARM notifications);
  • New algorithm of segment simultaneous downloading and playlists updating. This decreases detection probability of the BadSource (No signal) event in case the download speed is low, and the manifest size is substantial.
  • Support of cookies.
  • Extended measuring the HTTP/HTTPS transaction timings. Apart from the total download time and TTFB, timings for DNS lookup and TCP connection phases are registered.
  • Specifying the OTT analysis offset is now available. Depending on the protocol type, the offset can be specified in seconds, percentage, or set in the default mode. For VOD (static), you need to specify the entire playlist analysis. The preconfigured OTT-VoD threshold profile has been added. The profile will be included in new created projects.
  • Added possibility to specify the Master playlist update period.
  • Enhanced detecting of the Invalid Resolution in Variant Streams event: now the probe registers the non-compliance to the range of 16..65536 and absence one of the resolution attributes in the manifest.
  • Journals update now can be paused.
  • Added the probe update history.
  • For OTT tasks, the Service Alarms tab has been added in the Manifest page. The tab summarizes information for all fired triggers within the entire service analysis.

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