What's new in Elecard Boro 1.06

What's new in Elecard Boro 1.06

June 1, 2019
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New features of Elecard Boro server and Elecard Boro probe v.1.06

  • Registration of audio stream description changes (audio stream headers change). Setting the corresponding trigger;
  • Probe installation as Windows service;
  • Recording IPTV streams;
  • Downloading records through WebRTC;
  • Checking Audio decodability;
  • Checking Video decodability;
  • Checking audio track presence;
  • Displaying of decoded audio bitrate and real video framerate;
  • Measuring and displaying of Momentary and Short-Term loudness;
  • "Silence" detection in an audio channel based on Short-Term Loudness.  Setting the corresponding trigger and threshold;
  • Optional disabling of Master playlist update;
  • OTT delivery level analysis mode (analysis of the files downloading and analysis of playlists' bodies without segments);
  • Selection of the probe actions in case of EndOfStream detection in OTT (playlist is not updated AND all declared segments have already been downloaded and analyzed);
  • Interlaced video detection in OTT;
  • Detection of the decreasing number of segments in a playlist (lower than the stated threshold) in OTT.

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