StreamEye Studio 2021 with full VVC support

StreamEye Studio 2021 with full VVC support

April 21, 2021News

In this version, we implemented new tools and improved the user interface and the application performance. We changed the versioning of StreamEye Studio: now the year is used to denote the version.

VVC support

The most important innovation of all StreamEye products is the support of the VVC standard, which was finalized in October 2020. 
StreamEye 2021 acquired the following features as part of VVC support.

  • Visual representations for Sample adaptive offset (SAO), Adaptive Loop Filter (ALF) and Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)
  • Additional data output: After Deblocking & After SAO. Applying them, the user can compare pixels after each filtration step and assess filters’ performance.
  • Video Buffer Verifier. It can be used to check whether the specified HRD model is followed and to evaluate if the buffer works efficiently at a defined bitrate.
  • Representation of Chroma for Intra CU, PU, TU in the Block Info panel. In the Main Window now it is possible to switch between Luma and Chroma.
  • SEI and NAL units syntax parsing

Other features

We also improved the analysis of streams compressed into other formats. StreamEye, StreamAnalyzer и Quality Gates now support FLV container for AVC and HEVC.
Additionally, there are new features in StreamEye and StreamAnalyzer.


  • Temporal ID graph is implemented. It allows assessing the temporal scalability of each frame.
  • Additional presentation modes for reference frames: Lines, Prediction Parts and Hierarchy are added. They show which frames were used for the prediction of the current frame, estimate the proportion of borrowed pixels, as well as examine the hierarchy in detail.
  • SetPosition Mode for quick positioning.
  • Ability to specify the data for parsing: Predicted, Unfiltered, Residual, Transform, Dequantized, After Deblocking, After SAO. This feature allows speeding up the application and using less memory.

Stream Analyzer:

  • Displaying of HbbTV data.
  • PCR Accuracy graph which allows estimating accuracy of timestamps in the stream.
  • Switching between hexadecimal and decimal representation for PCR/PTS/DTS values.


See the detailed list of improvements for each application in What’s new in Elecard StreamEye Studio 2021.

StreamEye Studio is a set of powerful software tools for video quality analysis designed for professional use in video compression, processing, communication and streaming media industries.


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