Still not sure if Elecard SenSay is the best choice for your project? Watch our live demo to find out the answer

Still not sure if Elecard SenSay is the best choice for your project? Watch our live demo to find out the answer

November 23, 2016News

Elecard team constantly remains committed to an ambitious goal – to increase the performance and efficiency of SenSay - our video quality service for advanced analysis of video content. Check out our new updates, aimed at improving the functionality of the service and making managing process smooth and easy.

Why SenSay service became even more convenient?

✓ We added live demo on our website demonstrating the detailed working process of the service, its functional possibilities and analyzed parameters. Live demo is available for all users in a view mode without any required registration.

✓ Email notifications service was significantly improved.
A new payment system has been activated. You’ll be charged daily depending on the number of the analyzed streams which might be easily changed by using our flexible settings. Please don’t forget to refill your account.

✓ SenSay interface was considerably optimized due to:

  • modernization of the working pages navigation system;
  • design improvements;
  • quick access to PSI table;
  • new «Pick time» function allows you to shift to necessary/chosen time point at a graph.

We would like to draw your attention to the possibility of remote management and operation of your probes via Internet. You can:

  • start and cancel the tasks for analysis;
  • set up the parameters for analysis;
  • control the currently running tasks;
  • restart the suspended tasks;
  • save and upload probes’ configurations in remote mode.

It is a high time to try it and see for yourself!


Start the analysis

Start working manual

Please visit our website for more information. We would highly appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

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