Low Latency Broadcasting Within Venues at Football World Cup 2018

Low Latency Broadcasting Within Venues at Football World Cup 2018

August 10, 2018Press release

Tomsk, Russia, August 7, 2018 - This summer billions of football fans all over the world fell under the spell of a breathtaking football performance - World Cup 2018 which took place across 12 venues in 11 Russian cities from June 14th to July 15th. Lots of technical stuff was engaged into organizing high-quality broadcasting of this long-awaited event and giving viewers a chance to witness every football triumph or defeat. Elecard made its contribution as a live encoder vendor and a partner of AMT Group that delivered and distributed TV-signals within the stadiums at World Cup 2018. Elecard team in cooperation with AMT Group ensured proper maintenance of the broadcasting system, took part in startup and adjustment works and provided the lowest possible latency in signal delivery.

High-quality and fast delivery of the video captured at the stadium during the game – is a top-priority but sophisticated challenge for FIFA officials. Any delay in the video signal delivery will result in significant complications for numerous commentators, announcers and other press members. It is important for them to see the picture captured from a stadium immediately otherwise immersive live coverage of a football game becomes tricky. Each of the hundreds of reporters covering World Cup must be well-equipped to get high-quality picture extra fast. Organizing and maintenance of such a large-scale broadcasting system may cost a fortune. The most daunting challenge was reducing expenses on such system and providing the lowest possible latency (usually ranges from 2 to 3 seconds).

AMT Group in cooperation with Elecard made it possible to organize a centralized system for capture and encoding of SDI-signal with further broadcasting and playback within the stadiums, commentators’ locations, at VIP-boxes, changing and locker areas, etc. Implementation of such system based on latest digital TV broadcasting technologies significantly reduced expenses. At the same time the picture was delivered with the lowest possible latency – 300 milliseconds (0,3 seconds) from SDI-signal capture to video playback at the receiving device.   

Long-time experience of AMT Group and Elecard members as well as extensive support received at different levels provided the opportunity to develop efficient codecs and create competitive broadcasting technology which demonstrated high performance and stable work at a world-scale event.

“Our team is happy to make contribution to organizing a fabulous football event – World Cup 2018. We plan to work hard to further improve our system for content delivery and broadcasting to ensure breath-catching viewing experience and make sure the delay is the lowest possible.”- says Nikolay Milovanov, Elecard CEO.

World Cup 2018 organizing committee highly appreciated the stable work of AMT Group and Elecard and the strong level of technical competence of their team members. FIFA technical managers expressed the hope that cooperation with AMT Group and Elecard will continue in future at the next World Cup 2022 in Qatar.


About Elecard
Elecard is a provider of video compression technologies (Linear, OTT, File based) as well as professional Analysis software and Embedded QoS/QoE probe technologies used to enable todays video ecosystem. Elecard supports: MPEG-2, AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, VPX, MPEG-Dash, HLS, AV1. Elecard Analysis tools, Encoder platforms and Codec SDK’s, enable system architects, designers and QA to shorten development cycles and improve time to market. Elecard is based in the United States, Canada, Russia and Vietnam. For more information, please visit www.elecard.com.

Elecard Office contact:
Tel. +1 (415) 952-6332


About AMT Group
Company AMT Group has been working at the Russian system integration market since 1994. AMT Group specializes in design, implementation and technical support of complex telecommunication, information and information security systems, consulting projects and trainings for customers’ personnel.

AMT Group Office contact:
tel.  +7(495) 725-7660 

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