Amsterdam is welcoming all on 15-18 September for a spectacular IBC 2023

Amsterdam is welcoming all on 15-18 September for a spectacular IBC 2023

August 31, 2023Events

This year, Elecard's top engineers and product managers will join our good European friends and partners from Viconteq in hosting booth #3.A36 at IBC. We're thrilled to showcase our innovative solutions and discuss how they can benefit you and your business. Whether you're looking for cutting-edge technology, expert advice, or simply a chance to connect with industry professionals!

Viconteq will feature its brand new Playout and Broadcast Automation system. A linchpin for a media production facility and a TV broadcast center.

Elecard is stepping strong into a new market: Digital Signage, with a new product called ViCont. An all-in-one solution for centralized playout, control, and management.
***Suitable for screens and wallets of all shapes and sizes.***
Deliver targeted content to players via custom playlists, monitor live stream quality and delivery routes, and push emergency notifications to the screens with a single button! 

You can also catch up on the latest developments for our trusted products:

Elecard Boro: new KPI view, streams Health tab, full SRT support, TR101290 conformity checks, and a massive performance increase for the latest Boro probe version.

Elecard CodecWorks: By popular request, now fully supports Ubuntu OS, DRM CAS encryption for IPTV/DVB streams, and new server failover settings (ensuring seamless switch from live to reserve and back).

Elecard StreamEye Studio: now supports MPEG-DASH MPD, carries the latest versions of VVC/H.266/AVS3 decoders, and implements extended AV1 statistics.

So, what do you say? Let's embark on this extraordinary journey together.


Join Elecard at the expo and let's create some unforgettable experiences! Use our Customer Code for FREE Registration: IBC11150


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