Elecard at the Earth's southernmost continent

Elecard at the Earth's southernmost continent

November 22, 2016News

Konstantin BelyakovKonstantin Belyakov, a Vice-President of Strategic Development and External Affairs of Elecard Group has finished his journey successfully and came back safe and sound from The First Antarctic Summit of Entrepreneurs (October 29th  - November 10th) organized by ambitious businessmen from the “Leaders club”. More than 100 Russian entrepreneurs from 18 cities went to the distant snow-capped land of the Antarctic to meet and discuss how to make the most valuable contribution to the development of the South Pole. A unique teleconference “Antarctic-Moscow” with Russian President V.V. Putin proved to be one of the most vivid events of the Summit which was not quite easy to organize because it required 300 kg of special equipment to be delivered from Russia.      

The entrepreneurs discussed the issues and perspectives addressing the development of the Antarctic and determined the most important tasks to be accomplished for successful maintenance of life support in the region. Moreover, Russian businessmen shared their ideas and made agreements related to implementation of the projects intended to boost the development of the Antarctic and bring the new spirit to the region: among such projects: organizing 3-D journey and a festival devoted to a 100th anniversary of the Antarctic discovery. During the intensive brain storming at a far distant land the businessmen were not feeling isolated because they enjoyed the company of adorable penguins who posed with a charming grace in front of the cameras to attract more visitors to their harsh but magical land.

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