What's new in Elecard CodecWorks Encoder v 4.7

What's new in Elecard CodecWorks Encoder v 4.7

September 17, 2020
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Improvements and new features to both Windows and Linux versions: 

  • support for SRT protocol in caller/listener mode is added;
  • the server redundancy system is improved. Now the redundancy is configured on a single server and further deployed to the group of backup servers automatically;
  • automatic configuration update of encoded streams on redundancy servers within predefined time interval is implemented; 
  • fault-toletant architecture is updated which made the software more stable; 
  • SPTS/MPTS multiplexing system is updated to ensure consistent bitrate for output channels;
  • folder selection for log files recording is added;
  • EIT/SDT/NIT/TDT table pass through, including those incoming from a separate source, is implemented. Now the stream is multiplexed along with EPG data;
  • processing of SMPTE-TT teletext and OP42/47 VANC of SDI area is implemented; 
  • minor bugs are fixed.

New features in CodecWorks for Linux (CentOS 7.4-7.8):

  • the script for automatic driver installation for Intel GPU is implemented;
  • SNMP alerts are added;
  • packetizing and broadcasting via MPEG-DASH is implemented;
  • the CBG mechanism is implemented;
  • the internal system of responses to changes in input stream characteristics is improved. The basic response scenarios are as follows:
    • color Bar Generation initiates or custom screen is shown if the main source becomes unavailable or other specified criteria are met; 
    • switching to redundancy source if the main source becomes unavailable or other specified criteria are met 
    • encoding schema is rebuilt if the input stream characteristics change.
  • the mechanism for stream source redundancy is revised. Now there is an option to switch back to a main source or keep using a redundant source when the main source is restored;
  • distributed transcoding is implemented. Now the Linux version supports HEVC 4K transcoding on high density servers. 


Elecard CodecWorks v 4.7

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