What's new in Elecard CodecWorks v.4.5

What's new in Elecard CodecWorks v.4.5

June 8, 2019
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The list of supported protocols is extended by

  • SRT
  • NDI®

Using SRT protocol ensures enhanced performance and provides low-latency streaming even over most unpredictable and noisy networks such as the public Internet. Using NDI® protocol enables distribution of live video over IP infrastructure while eliminating hardware constraints, saving costs and reducing deployment time.

New possibilities for ОТТ segmentation

  • Integration with DRM system Verimatrix for ОТТ (HLS);
  • WebDAV ОТТ support (HLS);
  • Support of multi audio streaming for HLS.

Optimized GUI

  • The possibility to configure settings related to alert notifications and response (for example, restart or rebuild of the scheme) using GUI;
  •  The possibility to configure SDI streaming scheme from Forward capture card using GUI;
  •  GUI is powered by new added columns: “broadcast output address” and “license condition”;
  •  The user may choose one of available interfaces from a drop-down list while configuring a scheme;
  • Automatic removal of old logs.

Optimized GUI increases application efficiency, delivers new possibilities for fast and convenient configuration of settings and application management.

New functions are added

  • Transcoding into HEVC interlace video.


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