What is new in Elecard CodecWorks 4.8

What is new in Elecard CodecWorks 4.8

September 30, 2021
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Now Elecard CodecWorks supports hardware encoding on NVIDIA graphics cards. What is more, we have added support for most popular protocols and implemented a new web-interface!

Changes in Windows version

  • Hardware transcoding on an NVIDIA graphics card is available now.
  • CPU-based real-time transcoding into HEVC is implemented.
  • We have implemented a faster and more user-friendly web-interface. The alpha version is released, so functionality is limited. The full range of features will be added as part of the version 4.8.
  • Internal interaction for the software components is accelerated.

Changes in Windows and Linux versions

  • SRT stream encryption is added.
  • Support for receiving and broadcasting a stream over the RTMP protocol.
  • Support for receiving and broadcasting a stream over the RIST protocol.
  • Now the scheme version history is registered.
  • The possibility of manual generation for service information tables NIT, SDT, TDT is added.
  • In the Manager, the new Input URL column is added. The column value can be copied for further use.
  • Now you can search schema by URL.
  • The list of SNMP events that can be notified by CodecWorks is extended.
  • The logging system is redesigned: log rotation by size or creation time is added. Rotation events are registered in the Log.



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