How to setup GPU accelerated Intel Quick Sync encoding

How to setup GPU accelerated Intel Quick Sync encoding

September 23, 2019
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To setup GPU accelerated Intel Quick Sync encoding please make sure that HD graphics is initialized and operates properly.
  1. Make sure that the processor carries HD graphics on board (please check Intel website).
  2. Open Intel HD Graphic Control Panel, which is installed along with drivers from the  Intel website. 

If an Intel utility is launched then the graphics is successfully initialized and you can proceed with the encoding setup.

If the utility is not running it means that Intel graphics is now off. In this case please go through the following steps:
 • Physically connect to DVI or DP video output. If there are no such outputs, connect via RDP.
 • Check BIOS settings, specifically Internal Graphics and/or IGFX. They should be ON. IGFX Low Power mode should be OFF – quite often the graphics operates in energy saving mode.
 • Repeat steps 1-2.

If the given guide does not help, use jumper to disconnect the second graphics on the motherboard.

Contact Elecard Technical Support for more information.


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