DTV Quality Analyzer

DTV Quality Analyzer

Сost-effective and easy to use automated digital signal quality analysis solution, designed for broadcast network providers and operators to continuously monitor the incoming DTV signal for degradation and errors.

  • Description

    While building regional broadcast networks, providers often face the problem of low signal quality, when the signal either degrades or becomes completely lost due to many different reasons, thus causing the discontent of clients and, if repeated on a regular basis, may lead to considerable profit loss.

    That is where Elecard DTV Quality Analyzer, a remotely controlled device compliant with ETSI TS 102 032 recommendation, comes into play. It can be set up in any location, no matter how distant it is from the master control center, as all the information on Digital TV signal as well as Transport Stream characteristics can be retrieved real-time via SNMP protocol.

    Elecard DTV Quality Analyzer will help providers build a fully functional and comprehensive broadcast network with the realtime digital signal monitoring system, previously available on a very limited scale. It will significantly cut expenses on network services and make the company more reliable and trustworthy.

    Product highlights

    • Interactive controlling of input signal quality
    • Remote analyzer configuring for required channel, program, broadcast address
    • Remote analyzer parameter control (error masking, monitoring modes)
    • Ability to view list of programs inside TS
    • Remote monitoring compliant with ETSI TS 102 032 recommendation
    • Decoding and playback of TS
  • Features

    Key Features

    TS realtime analysis via RJ-45 interface or DVB/C/T/S tuners, pass-through from DVB to IP interfaces

    TS error detection according to three priority groups of ETSI TR 101 290 recommendation

    TS receiving with different size packets and bitrate up to 50 Mbit/s

    TS monitoring mode and structure view mode

    Detecting actual bitrate of MPEG-2, MPEG-4.10 and efficient bitrate of each multiplexed TS

    Receiving, analyzing and saving SI/PSI tables of TS

  • Specification

    Input interface

    • Ethernet RJ-45 (x2)
    • Digital tuner (DVB-T/C)

    Output interface

    • Video: Composite (RCA), S-Video
    • Audio: Stereo RCA, S/PDIF (Optical), Ethernet RJ-45

    Supported video codecs

    • MPEG-1
    • MPEG-2 HP@HL
    • MPEG-4.2 ASP
    • MPEG-4.10/H.264
    • MP@L3.0

    Supported audio formats

    • MPEG-1 Layer I, II
    • MPEG-4 AAC

    Network Transport Protocols

    • Streaming: MPEG-2 TS
    • Protocol: UDP (unicast/multicast), SNMP
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DTV Quality Analyzer

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