Analysis of DTV transport streams

Analysis of DTV transport streams

October 1, 2020

Customer: TP Vision

TP Vision is a dedicated company in the world of visual digital entertainment; fully committed to the renowned Philips TV brand. TP Vision engages in developing, manufacturing and marketing computer monitors and digital TV receivers in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and some countries in Asia-Pacific region. 



In order to provide maintenance and technical support for their STBs, TP Vision needs to find violations in transport streams in DTV networks of their clients. It was required to replace manual analysis with automated one to save time and resources.


  • Fast evaluation of DTV transport streams
  • Easy UI for intuitive navigation and use
  • Companion algorithms for data structure parsing


Installation of Elecard StreamEye Studio tools to perform deep analysis of streams and find violations.


  • High performance due to fast transport stream analysis
  • Low barriers to deploy thanks to simplified analysis as compared to manual one
  • Quick integration into analysis process
  • Saved analysis time and human resources
  • Increased profit because of reduced after-sale costs


StreamEye Studio was quickly adopted into the analysis process: Stream Analyzer allows evaluating DTV transport streams and PSI/SI tables, PES packets and hex values; Elecard SreamEye is used to examine motion vectors and decode H.264 video including element headers which helps quickly identify problems.

Analysis of DTV transport streams


"We needed a tool for pointing out the exact wrong field/structure in order to speed up analysis procedures and save time and resources. We have usually employed manual analysis which took one or two weeks, while Elecard’s tools are able to reduce it to a couple of days. The analysis became faster and cheaper. Elecard’s solution is simple and well-suited for our task. StreamEye Studio was quickly integrated into our analysis procedure. The intuitive UI of comprehensive tools provide exactly what you want in a simple way. Also, Elecard’s technical support engineers were very helpful in identifying problems and finding correct solutions."

Eddie Batista de Lima Filho, R&D Coordinator

Key products

Elecard StreamEye Studio is a set of powerful software tools for video quality analysis designed for professional use in video compression, processing, communication and streaming media industries